I Must Confess, I Am A Terrible Blogger.

I said in my last blog that I would be in better contact with whoever reads my posts... and that just hasn't been the case. I am truly sorry. Life has been getting in my way at nearly every turn from sick pets to sick cars to the continuing needs of a young child and all the other every day stresses and strains that come along.

However, that does not mean I haven't been busy with my writing. I have revised Warriors of Dragonsrod and am revising the second book, Siege of Dragonsrod. I made a new book cover for WOD and will post it soon on this site. I will not make a new cover for SOD. I hope to have all three of the Dragonsrod Chronicles books revised and republished by the end of the summer. I have also been checking out other book distributors that are not Amazon or Barnes and Nobel and have found several that will work for me. I am considering joining an organization for indie authors calling themselves the Alliance of Independent Authors. I have checked them out and they could help me in establishing some new connections in the writing world and help me find my target audience and hopefully sell more books. This is looking good!

Back to my title subject.

I know a good blogger is supposed to put new material up at least once a week and most who blog can do that with ease. Right now, I cannot. I have a lot on my plate and the heap just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I will try harder as I stated in my last blog to change that. I have many things going on with my writing and will share what happens with you as these efforts unfurl. So please be patient with me on this. I will post new things soon.

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