Sorry, I Have Been Away.

My apologies to any one who has read any of my blog posts looking for any updates about my books and latest projects. I have been busy reworking Warriors of Dragonsrod for the sake of trying to get it published through the traditional publishing approach. Life has been getting in the way a lot recently as well, nothing bad, just really busy with many things.

I sent a copy of Warriors of Dragonsrod to TCK Publishing and was rejected (surprise, surprise).

I went through the manuscript and added some things and took a few things out and I believe it reads much better. I am now making a new cover and should have this remodel finished soon.

I am going to send a copy to another publisher, City Lights Press Publishers. They accept unsolicited manuscripts and they also work with self published authors. I just need to complete a submissions form on their site and send it off. They say if I don't hear from them in 30 days my manuscript would have been rejected. I figure if I have not heard from them within two weeks, it is unlikely they have accepted it.

Wish me luck and I will do a better job in keeping you informed on how this and other projects turn out.

Until next time.

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