Don't give up!

I want to tell you a little about myself. I am an indie author/publisher with seven published books to my credit and I am living the author's lifestyle! No, not like Stephen King, J.K. Rowling or James Patterson; but like the other 98.5% of writers and artists. I have a day job, I live paycheck to paycheck and it is a struggle to make ends meet.

I went to college but did not graduate, unless you include the School of Hard Knocks, then you could say I have a Master's Degree in being knocked down and getting back up again.

Forget what you see on TV about authors who have become filthy rich from their writing and go about living the life of Riley -- that is the exception not the rule. Unless you are a celebrity, or someone who already has a lot of money and are well known, your chances for getting rich on your book writing is next to nothing. People spend months to years trying to sell their book(s) to agencies and publishers only to find themselves still on Square One and little to nothing to show for their efforts.

Then why do it?

Why write at all if this is the end result?

There could be a thousand answers from a thousand different authors to these questions. The most common answer would be for the love of writing.

That is my answer. I love to write!

Which brings me to my books. They took a long time to write, between six to eight months on average and probably the same amount of time for revisions and editing and cover creations and artwork and such.

It was, and is, a lot of work.

I have not made enough from sales to quit my day job. I worked through the frustrations, the anger, the setbacks and eventually got my books published.

I learned a lot on how the publishing industry works and even learned how to publish my own books. It was an incredible experience and I believe all authors need to go through it.

Bottom line is, I did not give up!

That is my advice to you. It is a long and winding road from getting started to publication and the journey can be smooth and it can be rough at times as long as you stick with your dreams and goals.

Never quit!

Don't give up!

Believe in your dreams, because they can come true. You just have to work at it.

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