Here are the descriptions of my other books and some art.


Handoe and Sandstorm are on one of their strangest cases yet. A series of disappearances have happened in and around the town of Helfin, in the southwestern corner of Blue Dragon Territory attributed to something called the Night Stealer.

The detectives soon realize this is not going to be an easy case with only speculation for leads, few clues, and a frightened and uncooperative public.

Then, Handoe and Sandstorm encounter the mysterious Count Bleeve and things take a whole new turn. Meanwhile, the Night Stealer strikes again and again.

Soon Handoe  and Sandstorm find themselves the targets of the Night Stealer's aggression which opens up a deeper mystery. The detectives are on to something -- but what?

Things are not as they seem.

An emotionally and physically exhausted, Detective Maxum, is given an assignment that takes him back to his old home town of Leezrone, in Gold Dragon Territory, to help quell a potential goblin uprising. 

This mission quickly turns out to be anything but ordinary.

Maxum discovers that one of his children he thought to be dead may still be alive.

Problem, the younger puma is with a griffon, named Oboma. Maxum is put into a delicate position between doing his job and finding out for certain if this young one is indeed his.

 Tensions reach the boiling point when the goblins attack a Dragonsrod fort (Lucinda) and take captives including Maxum's possible child.

Now, Maxum and Oboma must work together to save the hostages and prevent a war before time runs out.

Billy Bean was five years old when he had his first encounter with the supernatural. Instead of being afraid, he became fascinated with all things paranormal.

Now, Billy wants to be a ghost hunter like his TV hero, Roy Arnow.

Billy's dream comes true when Roy gives him his very own case to work on.

Billy enlists his two best friends, Keisha Washington and Raymond Davis to help him.

Yet, the case proves to be more difficult than Billy first thought. Then, they stumble onto another case that has more twists and an even deeper mystery which leads him into a chance, but not so good meeting with Roy Arnow.

Billy and his friends now must prove that they are not in over their heads plus, try to gain respect from skeptical adults or fail and never ghosthunt again.

Billy and his friends are back in their next adventure... and it could be their last.

Timothy Fatherington is the youngest son of a very wealthy family. he is terrified by ghostly happenings at his family's house and seeks out Billy Bean and the Junior Ghosthunters Club to help find the cause of the hauntings and put an end to them.

Problem is, the Junior Ghosthunters Club is in a state of chaos. Billy has been grounded for a month -- in his bedroom -- and is being pressured by his dad to stop the ghost hunting activities for good if he keeps getting into trouble.

Keisha and Raymond's friendship is strained to the breaking point as Keisha starts spending more time with a mutual friend, named Mai-Linn Soon, who Keisha feels is better than Raymond in every way and isn't afraid to let him know about it.

Fergie Fenner is back and has Billy in his sites and is determined to make Billy's life

even more miserable than it already is.

Billy takes on Timothy's case regardless of all that is happening around him which draws the attention of an infamous ghost cat that has a link to Timothy's family and also keeps the case going no matter how bad things get with Billy and his friends.

Timothy's family has a secret, buried for decades, that needs to be brought to the light or will have dire consequences for his family. It is up to Billy to put it all together and bring peace to the youngest Fatherington, or be forced to give up ghost hunting... forever.