Hi! I am Robert Umber. Welcome to my World! I have always loved to write! I am an Indie Author with seven books published to my credit with more on the way. Although, I am currently working on fantasy books, I have also published two paranormal adventure books with a third book in progress. I can write in different genres such as historical fiction, YA, and general fiction. I have also considered writing non-fiction books for sports and history. I am an artist and an illustrator. I can do realistic art, but I draw better in a cartoon style.

Below are the covers and plots to my Chronicles of Dragonsrod Series. Other covers and art work will be in my portfolios. All of my books are available for purchase on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. 

I have helped people with their writing and I take great joy in doing it. I do some editing (spelling, punctuation and some sentence structure work). I will proof read work and do reviews and share my observations and give advice and suggestions, and in rare instances, I will do some book doctoring, but ONLY if it is asked for. If I can help you with your writing please let me know. If you just want to say hi, or talk to me about my books, or writing, or about experiences in the writing process, please do, maybe I can be of some assistance? My email address is in the Contact section.

The Warriors of Dragonsrod

How did it all go wrong so fast?

     Council-Leader Goldeye and his Grand Council of Dragonsrod had worked tirelessly to rebuild Dragonsrod from the ashes of the Griffon War. Together, over time, they had brought peace and prosperity back to their beloved country. All seemed happy and well and apparently united in a common cause. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

     The reality was, the seemingly strong coalition as Goldeye saw it, was as fragile as a house of cards. Someone was going through extreme measures to bring the whole rotten foundation down around him renewing old rivalries and tearing open old wounds. Rumors began to swirl about the resurgence of an old enemy from the East, known as the Vordral, and they were looking to settle an old score with Dragonsrod.

     Worse still, Goldeye and his family were the target of a vicious attack. The egg clutch belonging to Goldeye and his wife, Moira, had been destroyed by an unknown assailant -- save for one egg. Fearing another attempt on his family, and not knowing who he can trust on the council, Goldeye enlists the aid of Dragonsrod detectives, Handoe and Sandstorm; an ex army scout turned fugitive, Maxum; River Rat, an ex prisoner-of-war, and the mysterious Jessa. They must get Moira and the unhatched egg out of Dragonsrod and away from the villainous Councilor Zare and his minions, to the safety of the far off Cannis Republic.

     Goldeye, meanwhile, must do everything he can to find the attackers of his family and keep Dragonsrod from being ripped apart by enemies from within and without its ancient borders.

The battle begins...

Siege of Dragonsrod

The war goes badly for Dragonsrod

     One long year has come and gone. Dragonsrod is being beaten down from two fronts.

     Loothar, the vordral God-king, and Zare and his legions have Goldeye and his army reeling toward Rampoor, the Green Dragon capital city. Goldeye resorts to drastic measures to save his army from certain destruction. But will it be enough?

     Gak begins his martial arts training from Handoe, Sandstorm and Maxum, and  it does not get off to a good start. A frustrated Moira changes his name to Alexander. Events following  an all-out vordral offensive into Abyssina hampers his training even further.

     Jessa, knowing she has no place in helping Alexander embarks on a mission of her own, kill her brother, Zare. Handoe and Sandstorm agree to go with her. They don't go too far when another task is thrown at them -- stop a possible invasion of Abyssina by a Dragon Triumvirate force lead by the aggressive Captain Chirba.

     Queen Catra enlists Maxum and her daughter, Shayara, to build a strike team to rescue her son, Karn, who is trapped behind enemy lines in the city of Qualis, where the team soon realizes they may be in over their heads.

     Pressures of the job and the long, irregular hours are taking a toll on Moira.

     Alexander, already plagued with nightmares and growing pains, begins to feel alone and at the end of his wits. He begins to rebel against those who are trying to prepare him for what is expected of him.

     Loothar has been waiting for this moment and moves in for the kill.

The battle continues...

Avengers of Dragonsrod

The war drags on with no end in sight.

     The war still goes badly for Dragonsrod despite stopping King Zare at the gates of Rampoor. Zare now focuses his attention on the ultimate prize, Kublisa. Capture this city and he can force Dragonsrod to sue for peace.

     Alexander continues to fight his destiny and his nagging fears and doubts until he is forced to confront them. Will he finally embrace his destiny or be destroyed by it?

     Jessa's obsession with killing her brother, King Zare, takes her to her childhood home in Gronoz, before she, Handoe and Sandstorm are arrested. She learns some ugly truths about her resistance movement and then learns of an even more powerful ally.

     Tensions reach the boiling point between Goldeye and Zhangi. Goldeye realizes he may have to commit treason in order to save his beloved Dragonsrod from imminent destruction.

     The budding relationship between Maxum and Shayara is put to the supreme test as they go behind enemy lines again to save hundreds of Abyssin prisoners from the vordral.

     Twists and turns abound as the war for Dragonsrod winds down.

     The smoke will clear and a new dawn will arise. But, who will still be alive to usher it in?